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Casting [single and two-handed/Spey rods (our specialty)], Rigging [lines, leaders, knots and such], and Fly Tying:  New & Novice Anglers and those feeling rusty from time away from the water can take comfort in the fact that all of our Guides are also Instructors that actually care about your time spent, and your experience on the water with us.


No one is going to yell at you about your casting ability, or for not setting the hook on a fish [we've seen it before!].  We're all about creating Anglers, and angler-development here. Take a lesson, build-up your [Cat]skill-sets, and gain the knowledge & experience you need to help you feel more confident on your excursion with us, or for your next D.I.Y. trip


Book a lesson today, and let's get out on the river! 

Traveling anglers, whether regional or international, can take advantage of all that the Northeast U.S. has to offer off of the water as well.  We impart insightful local knowledge on lodging and dining opportunities across the region and have several proprietors we work with in NY, PA, VT and MA should you prefer to leave that part of your planning to us.  

Gastro-Pub and Craft Beer aficionados will take comfort knowing that it is no small coincidence that all four states we Guide in are on the leading-edge of the brewing industry, and that our founder is a former commercial brewer.  Post excursion impromptu and formal brewery tours can be arranged for those consenting adults who enjoy a frosty adult-beverage straight from the source after a day of fishing, or we can recommend a craft four-pack of your favorite beer style to bring back with you.  Again, we're here for YOU. 


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