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The wade.  There is no more intimate way to catch a fish than wading into water with a fly rod, period. Immersing yourself into their environment, and fooling the fish with your fleye while having the fly-line in your hand. That initial grab & take; the 1:1 shock and tension via direct current.   Violent with some fish; primal, for sure; always exhilarating.

Waders with a belt, a pair of wading boots, and [optional] wading staff.  Necessary items here in the Northeast, with year-round water temps on the colder side for most folks.  We take care of the rest; supplying a fly rod & reel, and  A+++  fly offerings tied in-house.

No wading-gear?  No worries.  With fair notice we can usually accommodate most anglers looking to come out with us for a day or two via rental gear through one of the local fly shops we partner with. Top notch equipment to keep you warm, comfortable, and safe on your fly fishing excursion with us.  

The Tools

Layered outerwear and a decent rain jacket thrown into your bag to deal with the ever-changing weather conditions found here are also important must-haves on your excursion.  Mark Twain was right, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait five minutes." The rapid weather changes and micro-climates in this part of our country can turn on a dime.  A little prep goes a long way.


Another mandatory item:  Polarized Sunglasses.  Not just for spotting illusive fish in the water, sunglasses offer a base-level of safety for your eyes where rod-tips and fleyes with sharpened hooks are being cast airborne.  While we preach rod/line/leader/fly management and control with our clients, we just wouldn't feel right taking people out without the right protection.  No cool angler shades?  We'll hook you up with a local fly shop to check that box off too.  No need to break the bank, but better safe than sorry.

Sun Protection:  Yes, even on cloudy days.  Sunscreen in the 15 SPF to 50 SPF range works, but sun-protection clothing is better, won't grease-up your hands, gear, fly line or leader.  We're fans of sun masks & sleeves and/or gloves, and a favorite hat.

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