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Chris Brown
Founder & Lead Guide

[This is a Veteran-Owned business]
Licensed in PA and NY #6264

Originally hailing from the southwestern region of the Keystone State where he began his fascination with angling for Trout, Chris relocated to New England via Maryland's Chesapeake Bay & Eastern Shore while in the U.S. Navy; he calls Vermont home now. Exploring Pennsylvania, and New England rivers & estuaries with a fly rod in-hand, gaining proficiency in casting, fly tying and landing fish in both fresh & saltwater, he initiated his fly-guide business in 2006 placing an emphasis on professionalism, and his visual content work.  Additional Fishing Industry experience would include managing, and presenting a $400k Fishing & Fly Department inventory at one of the largest outfitters on the East Coast.


Professional fly tyer, casting coach, and Spey rod devotee of both Scandinavian & Skagit systems for two-handed rods; Chris considers himself a well-rounded Angler who is also a passionate Dry-Fly-Guy.  He views guiding & rowing his drift boat for The Delaware River Club as an existential gift where he gets to hone his craft, solving puzzles and "matching the hatch" on a full-time basis from April through October.

Spending seventeen years as a charter fishing boat mate & commercial-fishing operator, Bluefin Tuna expert & tournament angler [Conventional, Spin & Fly], it's safe to say that Chris is a very capable all-around fisherman and fly-angler.  He's a little more than slightly obsessed with swinging large flies with the really-long wands and eliminating the common conception that fly angling is an elitist pursuit. He brings his copper-collar work ethic and service industry background to the Guiding Trade.  A true Working-Man's [or Working-Women's!]  Guide, and Oarsman that can listen as well as advise.  


Book an excursion with Chris, and chances are it will not be your last.   

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