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Custom Fly Tying

Our Online Store
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Looking for some new Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Striped Bass, or Tuna Streamers?  

Chris ties beautiful custom streamers for freshwater, and saltwater with some in-house "twists" [pun intended], so every fly that leaves his bench is unique. Original accents on classic patterns for discerning anglers. Full-profile flies properly weighted, and neutrally buoyant in the water column for both wade, and boat anglers.  This means fewer hang-ups & lost flies while you're fishing. Add a Plan D fly box to organize your new flies, and you'll be set for your next  angling excursion.

Reach out to Chris via email to place your order at

For those fluent in  Hook, Fur, Hair and Hackle.  Dues paid on the water. 


Connecting Anglers With Every Turn.  




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