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Custom Fly Tying

Our Online Store
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Looking for some new Trout, Steelhead, Salmon, Striped Bass, or Tuna Streamers?  

Chris ties beautiful custom streamers for freshwater, and saltwater with some in-house "twists" [pun intended], so every fly that leaves his bench is unique. Original accents on classic patterns for discerning anglers. Full-profile flies properly weighted, and neutrally buoyant in the water column for both wade, and boat anglers.  This means fewer hang-ups & lost flies while you're fishing. Add a Plan D fly box to organize your new flies, and you'll be set for your next  angling excursion.

Reach out to Chris via email to place your order at


@TheFlyTyersUnion on Instagram

For those fluent in  Hook, Fur, Hair and Hackle.  Dues paid on the water. 


Connecting Anglers With Every Turn.  




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