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The Upper Delaware River watershed is one of the most prolific trout habitats in the country in terms of the size of the aquatic insect biomass coming off these rivers, AND the size of the [well-fed] trout residing here. In addition to the world-class angling found on the Upper Delaware, there are also many nearby angling opportunities to include the famous Beaver Kill [River], and Willowemoc Creek. Dry-fly fishing in the United States was originally introduced here.  Easy to see why the area is a magnet for those whose lives are filled with entomology and fly rods. The fly fishing industry is alive and well here too with The Catskills Fly Fishing Museum in nearby Livingston Manor, NY plus multiple fly shops & lodges scattered throughout the area. The region is a fly fisher's dream come true; just a two hour drive from NYC, five hours from Washington D.C. & Boston, and six hours from Pittsburgh.


The dry-fly fishing on The Upper Delaware, April through October?  In a word?   "Absurd." 

It's the sole reason we're based in this region for half of the year.  Heart-stopping topwater dry-fly fishing action in plain sight with mostly wild Brown, Rainbow and Brook Trout.


While we specialize in Spey/Trout-Spey and swing-fishing streamers with single & two-handed rods through late-Fall, Winter and early-Spring; it's the visible surface takes involved with the technical dry-fly fishing during the warmer months of the year with single-hand rods that keep us coming back annually.  By far, one of the most exhilarating experiences an angler can have, no matter your experience or how old  you are.  The kind of activity that produces anxiety-inducing anticipation, and keeps people awake at night just thinking about it, kind of thing.  We're obsessed with it.  Our advice:  Book your Upper Delaware River date[s] as early as you can, as mid-April through early June fills QUICKLY!

In September, as temperatures start to drop, streamer fishing targeting large, dominant, Brown and Rainbow Trout through "meat-season" is a Fall highlight that should not be missed. Trout sense the oncoming Winter, strap on the feed-bag, and become reckless in their eating habits.  Legitimate opportunities to target large, trophy-sized, wild fish abound. 

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