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Drift Boat Float Trips


Utilizing our Hyde XL [Low Profile] Drift-Boat to accommodate two anglers, with Chris on the oars, we will primarily be conducting floats, and float & wade combo-trips on the Upper Delaware River system on the PA/NY border in the western Catskill region of New York in search of Trout.  The West Branch of the Delaware is the jewel here, and absolutely no better way to explore, cover large sections of river, and get away from the crowd.  Four-hour half days, and eight-hour full-day trips are available. Morning and evening half-day floats depart according to weather, bug-hatch, light, & flow-rates with full-day floats covering a lot of prime water during peak fishing hours of the day.

Chris is booked exclusively via The Delaware River Club, April through October.


Layered outerwear and a decent rain jacket thrown into your bag to deal with the ever-changing weather conditions found here are also important must-haves on your excursion.  Mark Twain was right, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait five minutes." The rapid weather changes and micro-climates in this part of our country can turn on a dime.  A little prep goes a long way.


Another mandatory item:  Polarized Sunglasses.  Not just for spotting illusive fish in the water, sunglasses offer a base-level of safety for your eyes where rod-tips and fleyes with sharpened hooks are being cast airborne.  While we preach rod/line/leader/fly management and control with our clients, we just wouldn't feel right taking people out without the right protection.  No cool angler shades?  We'll hook you up with a local fly shop to check that box off too.  No need to break the bank, but better safe than sorry.

Sun Protection:  Yes, even on cloudy days.  Sunscreen in the 15 SPF to 50 SPF range works, but sun-protection clothing is better, won't grease-up your hands, gear, fly line or leader.  We're fans of sun masks & sleeves and/or gloves, and a favorite hat.

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